Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Days 13 +14 - taming the closet monster

I am a clotheshorse. I mean, I really, really like clothes. I'm not a designer clothing kinda girl, more of a Ross/Nordstrom Rack/Factory outlet kind of shopper. I love getting deals and I also love comfort. And I'm a sucker for soft materials.

So I have a lot of clothes. I always have, it's funny. I'm not really sure how i end up with some many clothes, because I do a major closet cleaning each time I move, and I've moved several times in the past few years. It's like they multiply.

This isn't a bad thing - but I happen to live in a very small apartment and will soon be married... which means, I will need to start sharing a closet and dresser. What's the problem, you ask? Well, my closet and dresser are both overflowing. With clothes. I have tank tops galore, an endless supply of t-shirts splattered with paint or an event's slogan, a drawer full of shorts, and enough dresses to outfit a small village of women. Yet I tend to wear the same items over and over again. Can anyone relate?

Now, I am somewhat ashamed to admit that not all of these clothes fit me, ah, perfectly. But I've been holding onto them anyway, holding onto the thought that I would, one day, fit into them again. After all, some of them are very nice (and comfortable when they fit!), and now that I am (i) losing weight, I'm glad that I've saved some of these lovely items, for I feel that they will soon fit me once again.

However, there is just way too much in my closet. Something's gotta go.

So last weekend, I decided to take the bull by the horns and I started to clean out my closet and dresser. This was a 2 day process, and I'm still actually not done. I was ruthless. I only allowed myself a small box of "skinnier me" clothing that I could hold onto, and there is an expiration date on that box. If I don't fit into them in 6 months, they're outta here.

I wonder if as I lose weight, I'll get rid of my 'fat' clothes. Is this a bad idea? On one hand, I don't want to have them around anymore - especially if they don't fit! And I don't want an excuse to start eating whatever I want. If I start to gain weight, I would like to not have any clothes that fit so that it forces me to stop shoveling food into my mouth. On the other hand, isn't it smart to have a few varieties of sizes from which to choose from? What if I have a baby or something someday and need some maternity clothes? Some of my normal jeans right now are on their way to becoming those super-comfy-jeans-that-are-just-a-little-too-big-but-perfect-for-lounging in a few weeks - do I really want to get rid of those?

And you may have noticed that I am combining two days worth of blogs into one. It's not that I'm lazy, it's that I feel that the days are getting shorter and shorter, busier and busier. I'm still managing to make time to work out and track my calories each day, and I'm committed to continuing this. Are you still with me?


  1. I'm with you Kate! The whole should you keep the "fat clothes" I say get rid of them. From my experience keeping those kinds of clothes gives me excuses to not watch what I eat. So I can bounce back and forth. Not good. I was doing so good right after Molly was born and lost a significant amount of weight and got rid of my "fat clothes" and then I got lazy, stressed out and started making excuses as to why I was gaining back the weight. My jeans got tight and then I got mad at myself for letting myself go. It took me a long while to realize I needed to do something. Since I jumped back on the band wagon with you...I'm counting calories again and my clothes are slowly starting to fit again. Yay. I refused to purchase clothes that were one size bigger, so now I have a ways to go to get back where I was and then when I get there this time I'm going to continue to keep losing so I can celebrate and buy skinnier clothing. I so look forward to that day!

  2. When we moved to CA I had way too many clothes. Why you ask. I had upto 4 different sizes, some of which I had not worn in over 5 years. I have since gotten rid of many things as my weight goes down. I am on the verge of getting rid ogf another size. Unfortunately the size I am in is baggy in some areas, the next size is snug in areas. Because I kept the clothes I have saved a lot of money as my weight goes down, I just go to my closet store and pull out the next size. However, as I drop sizes I am getting rid of most of the too big items, keeping only a few for comfort on cold snuggley days or a few favorites.
    Try buying some bin type fabric things in Rosses to put on your shelves. I have one for purses, bathingsuit/swimming stuff, shorts, tee shirts, socks, etc. they free up a lot of drawer space. You can also buy something that hangs in your closet and you can fold tops, shirts etc and place them neatly in the long fabric shelves. Good luck I am still trying to improve my closet situation since we moved to Ca. Mom

  3. Kate,
    Where has my brain gone? I have completely forgotten to check your blog and missed some wonderful musings. Glad your cold did not materialize, so sad about your saying goodbye to bread (although I agree, it should be a-once-in-awhile food), and this clothes conundrum-- as for me if it doesn't fit, it goes! I think this must have to do with the Librarain in me!