Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 25 - the mysterious pound

Somehow, without working out this weekend at all, and failing to count calories, I managed to lose a pound.

I'm not really sure how that happened, as I sort of did the opposite of what I've been doing. Granted, I was pretty busy, and I ate fairly well (except for the two reeses cups and glass of wine that I consumed today, among other more healthy items), but I spent a good two hours on Saturday reading and relaxing with Tyler, and another hour or so just lounging around today. I went to a classical music concert (which was awesome), helped to facilitate a food drive with some great kids, and started to print off wedding table numbers. I spray painted leaves and looked over the long list of guests that still have not rsvp-ed. (If this is you, please do so!)

I did not go to the gym, walk around the lake, dance dance dance, do a single sit-up, or even a bit of yoga.

So how did I lose a pound? Does anyone know? If so, please tell me! Inquiring minds want to know. I could make millions! I can see the title of the book now: "Do nothing, and shed pounds! The lazy man's diet and exercise plan".

Yes. It's an instant New York Times Bestseller. So please, people - shed some light!

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