Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 2 - does laughter count as exercise?

Day 1 started off with a bang. And by bang, I mean slow, lazy beginning.

I did well-ish with eating yesterday, until about 10am when my favorite-volunteer-friend-in-the-world-Brian shows up to help me at work with a carrier tray of delicious smelling peanut butter cookies rolled in sugar then drizzled with melted chocolate. 'Oh no', I thought, 'Sabotage!' Then I remembered my '90% of the time' rule. 'I can have ONE cookie', I thought to myself. 'After all, it would be almost RUDE not to! Look at how hard he worked!' So when he offered me a cookie, I graciously accepted, and took a heavenly bite. The cookie was just as I had dreamed it would be - soft, but not underbaked, sweet, but not sickly so, chocolate slightly hardened but not too firm. It was like paradise in a cookie. Unfortunately, after 2 bites, it was gone.

You all know where this is heading, right?

At least I didn't eat 90% of the cookies. I only ate 3.


I decided to compensate by only eating a small salad for lunch, 30 minutes after which I'm promptly starving. The cookies continued to taunt me and call out with their siren song, but I resisted and sunk my teeth into a shiny red apple instead. Yummy! Crunchy! But, not a cookie.

A few hours later, I'm heading home to start on my workout. Being the multi-tasker and planner that I am, I had a pre-arranged date with a girlfriend to walk briskly around the lake (about 3 miles). I must confess that I had planned to walk with her, catch up, then be a workout-superstar and continue onto my weekly weight lifting class (which I have a love/hate relationship with) at the gym. I had even written the start of a blog for today about it, hoping that by doing so, I would be motivated to actually stick with my double-dosage of workouts. I had big plans to wow all of you with my incredible drive and gumption.

It didn't happen. I arrived home, looked at the clock, realized how sweaty and tired I already was, took a shower, and ate a boca burger.

An hour or so later, Tyler (my fiance) stopped by on his way home from work to say hi, and we had a rather amusing conversation, albeit irrelevant to this blog. I'll share it with you anyway, and I'll work in an angle somehow.

Tyler has this baby's-butt-perfect-skin. You know, the kind that teenage girls (or myself) dream of and pray for. I think I've seen him with one small pimple in the year that we've been together, so it is understandable that he isn't familiar with acne medication terms.

I, on the other hand, sometimes think I should go into repping for pharmaceutical acne medication companies, I'm so familiar with them all.

But I digress.

While Tyler and I were chatting about our days, he mentioned this microscopic pimple on his nose. It was so small that I couldn't really even see it, but I felt the urge to try to help anyway.

Here's how our conversation went:

Him: "Look, I have this pimple on my nose, it's so weird!"

Me: "Do you want some salicylic acid to put on it?"

Him: "What I want is for you to never say that word again."

Me: (genuinely confused) "What? Salicylic acid?"

Him (imitating me in a mocking higher pitched and very funny voice): "Do you want to put some battery acid on your face? Not only will it take away your pimple, but it will also take away your flesh. You'll be a bone face! You won't have to worry about your skin anymore because you won't have any."

Me: (cracking up hysterically) "You're ridiculous. And I'm so putting this conversation in my blog.

Him: "Think of all the calories you just burned by laughing so hard!"

And there's the angle. It's stretch, I know. Hey, there's only so much I can say about exercise and diet.

So today's poll question is, just how many calories does one burn by laughing? Any guesses?


  1. You did at least do some moderate exercise yesterday, which is totally enough! Now my dear, I wish laughter did burn calories. Maybe you burned just a little... but then I got to thinking that people say,"LMAO," so maybe laughter can reduce your butt!
    You need to really think about eating small nutritious meals throughout the day, which will increase your metabolism. (No cookies, though!)
    You still look WONDERFUL to me the way you are! Even with all your skin troubles!

  2. Yes, Nadean, good advice! I was doing that for awhile (small meals) and stopped because I got too busy. But I'll pick it up again - it helps keep me full!

  3. So I looked it up and you can burn 1.3 calories while laughing with your friends. So keep laughing, I suppose.