Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 12 - a day's worth of calories in bubble gum

Did you know that one piece of bubble yum or similar 'big' type bubble gum has 25 calories in it? And you don't even get to really eat it, you just chew all the sugar out.

Yesterday was my bridal shower (technically my second one, I'm a lucky girl!), and the lovely ladies that threw it for me did a fantastic job. There was delicious and healthy food, lots of ladies there including some of my all-time favorite little girls, generous gifts, kind words, and some very creative games.

Let me tell you about one of them.

This game was called "What would Tyler say?"

The premise, as you may have guessed, was for me to guess what Tyler said when he was 'interviewed' by one of the shower hosts earlier this week. It's a popular shower game, but this one had a slight spin.

Julie, the hostess of the game, asked some of the younger girls to sit in front of me. She passed out questions that she had asked Tyler (complete with answers) to various ladies in the crowd to ask me one at a time. Then she handed the little girls several packs of that big, sugary, kid-kind bubble yum. You know, the kind you used to eat and then swallow when you were younger because it's SO GOOD. Then your mom would yell at you and tell you it would stay in your stomach for 8 years.

So for every question that I was asked and then got wrong, the girls would feed me a piece of bubble gum.

And I couldn't spit it out.

Uh oh.

'I do know Tyler well', I thought to myself....'but just how well?' For my future fate rested in this answer.

The game began, and I was off to a great start. The first two questions were answered confidently and easily. 'No problem', I thought to myself.

Then came the question asking what Tyler's favorite ice cream was.


In goes the first piece of gum, and the crowd shrieks with delight.

And then I get another question wrong.

And another.

Pretty soon, I can't even talk because I have 150 calories worth of massive bubble gum in my mouth. That's right. 6 pieces. I literally started to drool.

I finally get another question right, and then one more - although my answers were barely intelligible due to the gum jammed inside both of my cheeks. Whew!

Needless to say, that was my dessert.

Luckily, I do love bubble gum, and yesterday more than made up for my mom not allowing me to chew it often as a child. I think I have had my fill of bubble yum, and then some!

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  1. Don't feel bad, Kate! His mother doesn't even know his favorite kind of ice cream. By the way, what is it?