Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 3 - I think we're onto something here....

Disclaimer - do not only read this post halfway. I am not just making excuses. Mostly.

Thursday was an interesting day. I woke up late and in a major rush to get to work... so much so that I unintentionally forgot my workout bag. (Don't worry, I have it today!)

This presented a problem because my plan was to go to yoga right after my dermatologist appt (I have bad skin. See yesterday's post.), and my dermatologist appointment was right after work. With no lag time in between. Apparently I like to plan things on top of each other.

I rush home after work, grab my yoga gear, call the dermatologist to tell them I'm running late (with a hands free device, of course - safety first!), arrive at my appt only a few minutes late, rush to the gym with my yoga mat in tow, only to find... a very strange looking gym covered in fake cobwebs, with candy everywhere (what's WITH all these health providers giving out candy? Is it insurance for continued customers or something?), unhealthy treats set up on tables throughout the gym, and... a Zumba class going on.

Instead of yoga.

Even though it said '5pm, Yoga' on their website.

Now, you may be thinking 'So what? Do Zumba instead of yoga, slacker!'

I tried. They wouldn't let me.

Here's the issue - in yoga, one is barefoot.

I? Was wearing flip flops.

Because I thought I was going to do yoga.


Not Zumba.

On top of all of that, I had plans to eat dinner and visit with my 'second' family right after yoga, so there wasn't really time to make the half hour trek back home, grab appropriate footwear, book it back to they gym, workout, then make it in time for dinner.

So what did I do?

I went to dinner. And I stand by my decision! People are important, and workouts should not be prioritized at the expense of friendships.

And you know, I probably would have eaten dinner and then gone home to read or work on entering in wedding RSVP's to my spreadsheet or something....

....IF it weren't for this blog.

That's right! Because of all of YOU, my faithful 11 or so readers, I knew I had to power through.

I had to make the choice.

I had to carry on.

I had to.... do a workout at home after eating dinner complete with a glass of red wine.

That's commitment.

Or a recipe for disaster.

I was debating about doing a yoga video (I was afraid I'd fall asleep), or walking around the lake again (I had visions of a car running me over). I then remembered this latin dance exercise dvd that one of my favorite co-workers gave to me the other day! We have a winner, people! Latin dancing, it is! After all, sometimes people go out dancing after eating a big meal and having a few drinks - shoot, I used to be one of them back in my younger, fitter 20 something days (I'm only 29 now. But I'm old. I like to be in bed by 9pm.). 'I can do this', I thought to myself, mentally doing a little cheer.

I pop in the latin dance dvd with great anticipation. The leader of the exercise has a latin-ish accent! 'That's a good sign', I thought, 'Maybe I'll even learn some great dance moves that I can use at the wedding!'

I select the 'full abs' series on the dvd, though I must say I was tempted by the '5 minute abs in a hurry'.

I got through about 15 minutes of it before I felt like I was going to die. I started fast forwarding at that point and realized that it will take a fair amount of work and a likely miracle before I'm able to do these moves with the same ease and grace as the leader-accent-girl. At one point, I just started to make up my own dance. Thank God I live alone. Finally I had enough. Plus my abs hurt.

So I didn't do very much.

But the point is, people, that I DID do something. And I wouldn't have otherwise! Having friends to report to, regardless of whether they are virtual or not, is in fact an effective tool to help with motivation!

At least so far.

Thanks again for tuning in, and there will be much more to read throughout the weekend! Any suggestions on exercise to do tomorrow or Saturday? What's your favorite exercise?


  1. 15 minutes is better than none at all! I'll help you try again today. See you at 3:30!

  2. At lease you have the right thought process going for you. I love your blog. I look forward to it at the end of my day and with that said I'm headed out the door to do my 1/2 an hour of walking. You know I missed yesterday (walking) so I still have to do an additional 1/2 hour sometime this weekend. How is your eating been? I hope less cookies? Keep it up Kate and thanks for sharing your life and thought process!

  3. Thanks, Stacy! I love writing it! Congrats on walking, we'll encourage each other! My eating has been good, except for my delicious dinner last night. I've been trying! No more cookies! :)